San Diego Alliance For Justice

Uniting the Progressive Left for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice.

Mission Statement

We Aspire

 We Aspire to bring into existence a new society in which all people's needs are the priority.  

The San Diego Alliance For Justice

The San Diego Alliance For Justice is an open, democratic, grass-roots organization working for social, economic, and environmental justice.

We strive to protect and defend members of all our communities against attacks and neglect by organizing greater communication and collaboration between all of San Diego's progressive organizations and constituencies.

Our goal is to build the strongest possible network of resistance.  

We strive

  • to organize and support protests and other resistance campaigns, 
  • build a network of progressive activists across communities, 
  • teach and learn from each other, and 
  • work toward the creation of a mass movement capable of enacting progressive changes supported by a majority of the people.  

Contact Us

Better yet, meet us in person!

Inclusive activism,  General Meetings to be at the PRC, 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.  

PRC= Peace Resource Center @ "Church of the Brethren".  

San Diego Alliance for Justice

(619) 738-1245


General Meeting - 2nd & 4th Monday: 7-9pm

Become an Ally for Justice

If you share progressive values, jump in and swim. Immerse yourself in your community.